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Prototype Game Workshop
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Event Description Do you have all the details for the next Game of the Year scribbled down on scraps of paper and cardstock? Think your shiny new game will fail miserably once someone actually tries to, well, play it? Here's your chance to let others of a similar mind test it out and let you know their opinions! Bring your proto-game to UberCon IV, and spend some time play testing it with other experienced board gamers who have been working on their own gaming concepts! Give and receive feedback and opinions about your new games. Help someone else through a mental block or smooth off some potentially rough edges... and let someone do the same to you!
Category Boardgames
Start Time Saturday Oct 16, 10:00 am
End Time Saturday Oct 16, 2:00 pm
Run By Gil Hova
Vendor A Custom System
Location Exhibit Center
Participants 0/12 slots filled (0% full)

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